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5 Unlikely Repellents That Can Deter Mosquitoes

While we all know about mosquito repellants and barrier treatments, are there ways we can repel mosquitoes with items we already have in the house? Well, our mosquito control professionals discuss five unlikely repellents that can deter mosquitoes. 

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Through a Mosquito’s Eyes: How They See

There are ways to combat being targeted by these tiny vampires, and they start with first understanding how mosquitoes interpret the world around them. Knowing how they see, smell, and feel gives us hints on how to stop a mosquito from biting us before they even decide they want to. 

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What Happened When We Tried to Eliminate Mosquitoes, Forever

A lovely breeze is blowing, and you are ending a perfect summer day. It suddenly occurs to you, you aren’t swatting away pesky mosquitoes. You haven’t noticed any mosquitoes all day. It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Although a perfect mosquito-free day sounds terrific, there could be other repercussions. Have you ever thought about what would happen if we tried to eliminate mosquitoes forever?

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3 Alternative Treatments for Mosquito Bites

Preventative measures are helpful, but not fool-proof. Therefore, when your mosquito prevention methods fail, treating the symptoms is the next best option. Read on to learn three ways to treat mosquito bites on your own, without having to wait days to stop itching.

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Why Mosquitoes are Still Active in the Fall

It is common knowledge that mosquitoes run rampant during the summer months and thrive specifically in humid climates. At one point or another, we’ve all had an itch from a bite that left us yearning for colder weather — but did you know that colder weather doesn’t actually bring the relief you’re hoping for?

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5 Common Mosquito Myths

Although most people are unfortunately all too familiar with mosquitoes, how well do we actually know these pesky insects? It seems like everyone has some special trick for treating itchy bites or keeping them away. But how many of these tricks are based on actual science, and how many are old wives’ tales? 

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