Dead Formosan Termites Palmettos Bert Snyder

Palmetto’s Graduate Entomologist Bert Snyder and a Palmetto Technician find dead Formosan Termites after treating with Termidor. Unfortunately, the Formosans had already created $15,000 worth of damage to this 10 year old Mt. Pleasant SC home!

Our Technician successfully locates where these aggressive termites entered this home underneath the decorative tile patio before they could do more damage. Termites are crafty creatures and need very little space to enter a home and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Just ask this homeowner’s neighbor -termites caused $38,000 worth of damage to his home! Is your home protected? Call Palmetto Exterminators today for a free inspection to determine if your home is safe from these destructive termites.


Termites (Photo credit: Gnilenkov Aleksey)

Termite video

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