Mosquito Misting Systems

Misting System technology has been in use for more than 25 years. In the past, most of the applications were on livestock farms to reduce populations of mosquitoes, flies and gnats around horses, poultry, cattle and pigs. Over the past ten years, in response to the growing public concerns associated with mosquito borne diseases such as dengue fever, Equine Encephalitis and West Nile Virus, and the growing popularity of outdoor living spaces, mosquito misting systems have become more common in residential settings. Palmetto Mosquito Control, in affiliation with Palmetto Exterminators, has been installing and servicing residential misting systems since 2003. Palmetto Mosquito Control was the first company in the Charleston, SC area to offer this product and service. Due to demand we quickly spread our mosquito service area to Beaufort, Bluffton, Hilton Head, Savannah and Myrtle Beach. Palmetto Mosquito Control now offers the installation and service of residential mosquito control systems in the Carolinas and Georgia.

Palmetto Mosquito Control’s Residential Misting System program combines the Mosquito Misting System with pest control‘s Integrated Pest Management expertise to kill, repel and control mosquitoes and gnats where you live. Instead of relying only on a misting system alone, our program includes, at no extra charge, periodic inspection and identification of the specific breed of mosquito, larvaciding, surface spray treatment of the area, if needed, and jet fog treatment, if needed, in order to provide our customers with the most effective mosquito and gnat control.

What is a Misting System?

You can think of Palmetto Mosquito Control’s misting systems as an irrigation system designed for the control of mosquitoes and gnats. Much like the irrigation system you may have installed in your yard, our mosquito misting systems are designed specifically for your yard. Your misting system will be built into and around your landscape to treat the areas you choose.

Our installation focuses both on aesthetics as well as creating maximum effectiveness. Our goal is to combine the most effective mosquito control, with an installation process that increases the value and visual appearance of your home.

Designing Your System

misting-system---designing After the initial inspection and customer interview, a Palmetto Mosquito Control technician will meet with you to discuss the suggested plans for your customized misting system. Our mosquito misting systems are specifically designed to provide you the absolute best mosquito control in the areas you wish to enjoy once the mosquitoes are gone. In fact, no two system designs are exactly alike. For this reason, mosquito misting systems can be designed and installed during construction using your landscape plans or to an existing yard with minimal disruption.

In order to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the landscaping around your home every aspect from the tank to the nozzles of our mosquito misting systems are hidden or blended into the landscape similar to an irrigation system. In addition to keeping the visual appeal our mosquito control systems are custom built to provide the maximum coverage possible for each yard and the maximum enhancement of your outdoor living environment.

Purchasing Your System

misting-system---purchasingWe understand that purchasing a Mosquito Misting System is an investment in your home. Our goal is to make the process as seamless and easy for you as possible. We can provide you with a free estimate at any time. From working with a builder, to looking at an established yard, the professionals at Palmetto Mosquito Control can provide you with a customer quote to fit your needs.

Installing Your System


Installation of your custom built mosquito control system is a very detail-oriented procedure. In most cases installation can be completed in a day. All of our landscape work, including all of the necessary digging, is done by hand in order to reduce the impact to your landscaped areas. Our goal is to combine the most effective mosquito control, with an installation process that increases the value and the aesthetic value of your home.


First our technicians will place the tank in an inconspicuous area. Then the nozzles will be strategically placed, either grounded or affixed in the predetermined locations. From there the technicians will run a line from the tank to each of the nozzles. These lines will be buried underground or attached unobtrusively. Finally, our technicians will program the system for the automatic sprays. Once installation is complete you will be left with a remote control, a disguised fully working misting system, a yard that looks untouched, and a great defense against biting insects. We have found that the longer a home has had a misting system in use, the easier it is to control the mosquito population.

What Sets Our Systems Apart

system_sets_apartWhat sets us apart from the competition is our knowledge and customer service. Each year, one of our highly trained mosquito technicians will turn your system on at the beginning of the season, then turn it off and winterize it for the winter months in order to maintain and prolong the life of the system.


You will be given a reliable schedule for filling the tank, testing, and maintenance when necessary. The misting system program also includes, at no extra charge, surface spray treatments of the target area, jet fog treatment and larvaciding when necessary. If you have any questions or any area of your yard needs extra attention our technicians are always available to you.

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