The Benefit of Misting Treatments vs. Bug Spray

Mosquitoes can turn an enjoyable outdoor evening with friends and family into an agitated swatting session before you even have time to think about grabbing a can of bug spray. Especially with the recent rains we have been seeing, mosquito related party fails are all too common in our late summer backyard barbecues. But they don’t have to be! Rather than slathering on the bug spray before you brave the outdoors, go on the offense with mosquito misting treatments.


What a Mosquito Misting System Is

Mosquito misting systems can be likened to an irrigation system. Rather than keeping your plants green, though, mosquito misters periodically release pesticides that keep the mosquito and gnat populations around your home at bay. These systems integrate into the landscape of your outdoor area, so that only people who know where to look will be able to see the pesticide tank and nozzles.

Misting Treatments vs Bug Spray

Mosquito misting systems are an investment. Being the savvy homeowner that you are, you may be curious as to why you would want to install one of these systems when bug spray has been doing a decent job.

1. Set it and forget it

While using bug spray necessitates repeated applications and planning for outdoor events, installing a mosquito misting system means that you have continuous protection – no last-minute trips to the store to pick up a can of bug spray required! Your mosquito misting system noiselessly works in the background, so you can enjoy your outdoor activities without a passing thought about mosquitoes.

You will need to fill the tank and test the chemicals once in a while, but for the majority of the time, you’ll be able to focus on having fun with family and friends instead of worrying about when those whining mosquitoes are going to make you their next snack.

2. Mosquito misting systems offer long-term relief

Bug spray lasts only as long as the chemicals can stay on your skin. After some time, the effectiveness of the repellant diminishes or your sweat washes it off. Much like waterproof sunscreen, even sweat-proof mosquito repellant needs to be reapplied to continue functioning properly.

Due to the fact that mosquito misting systems are on a timer running every day, the mosquito population in your yard is gradually reduced. While bug spray is temporary and may leave you smelling like a camping trip, mosquito misting systems offer continuous, odor-free relief.

3. Mosquito misting systems add value to your home


These systems are custom designed for your space and stay with it if you decide to sell your property. When it comes time to put your home for sale, having one of these systems installed can add value to your home.

How it works

No two mosquito misting systems are the same. The Palmetto Mosquito Control team will provide an initial inspection of your property and conduct a customer interview to plan out your system with as little disruption to your yard as possible. Once those things are complete, we will schedule a time to install your misting system. This installation is usually completed within a day.

Similar to our Palmetto Green program for general pest control, we offer a green option for our Mosquito Misting systems. Rather than employing traditional pesticides that can create problems when they are released in close proximity to bodies of water, we use cedar oil. This mosquito repellant may be an attractive alternative to those looking for a more natural approach to mosquito control.

With the Palmetto Mosquito Control residential program, customers receive periodic mosquito inspections and treatments in addition to the Mosquito Misting System. This integrated pest management approach is taken with no additional cost to you.

For more information on mosquito misting systems or to get a free estimate, contact Palmetto Mosquito Control.

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