Do Essential Oils Really Work as Mosquito Repellents?

You have probably used some form of bug spray when camping or going for a hike, but many of these sprays contain harsh chemicals such as picaridin and permethrin, leaving many people searching for a more natural alternative to fight off these persistent pests. One alternative that has been flying around is essential oils.

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Are Bug Zappers Effective for Mosquito Control?

With peak mosquito season being in full swing this time of year, one popular choice for DIY pest control is the use of electric bug zappers. But are these devices actually effective in keeping pests like mosquitoes away from our yards?

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Mosquito Repelling Plants

Tired of wasting money on synthetic mosquito repellents that just don’t cut it? Implementing natural mosquito-repelling plants around your home can help block mosquitoes’ sense of smell and divert their attraction from humans.

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