How To Protect Your Pets From Mosquitoes

Most of us are all well-aware of the harm mosquitoes can cause to humans, but what about man’s best friend? As it turns out, one of the world’s most annoying pests are just as attracted to your pets as they are to you. Don’t forget about taking precautions for your animals when protecting your family […]

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Fragrance Frustrations? Avoid Smells that Attract Mosquitoes

We all have that one friend or family member that gets swarmed by mosquitoes at every gathering. Maybe it’s you! The fact is, mosquitoes do prefer some scents over others, and many of these scents are not things that we can control. However, unlike our blood type or the amount of carbon dioxide that we […]

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Post-Hurricane Mosquito Control

You’ve just returned from a mandatory hurricane evacuation; you’ve checked in on all of your family members and friends, and you’re finally starting to get back into your daily routine. You’ve picked up the branches in your yard, and placed all of your outdoor furniture back on your porch. You are sitting in your rocking […]

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Risks of DIY Mosquito Control

Like any responsible, budget conscious adult, there are often household duties you attempt to address yourself rather than hire out. All too often we at Palmetto Mosquito Control find clients in desperate need of mosquito control who try to DIY their way to a mosquito-free yard and see disastrous results. While there are numerous issues […]

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It takes a Village: Neighborhood Mosquito Control

Did you know there are thousands of different mosquito species? The southeastern United States alone has roughly sixty different species. There is certainly no shortage here! The need to protect against mosquitoes is imperative, especially during peak summer months. Read on to learn more about neighborhood mosquito control. Mosquitoes can cause more than just pain […]

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Keep mosquitoes at bay – MIST!

A Mosquito Misting System from Palmetto Mosquito Control is like an irrigation system for your backyard to get rid of mosquitoes and gnats. Mist to keep the mosquitoes away! After an initial inspection and interview, a mosquito control technician will meet with you to review our suggested plan for your customized Mosquito Misting System. We […]

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Invisible Mosquito Barrier Treatments Kill and Repel Mosquitoes

A backyard full of fog signals relief from buzzing, biting mosquitoes and gnats. This man is employing one of our mosquito barrier treatments. Mosquito Barrier Treatments from Palmetto Mosquito Control kill and repel these two insects. Performed every two to four weeks from April to November, mosquito treatment involves: Inspecting the outdoor area for mosquito […]

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Spring cleaning will deter mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the worst! They fly around your face, they buzz in your ear, they bite you to no end. A little backyard spring cleaning now will help prevent a mosquito swarm. 1. Remove standing water Mosquitoes are drawn to standing water to drink and mate. Fill all holes in your yard with dirt to […]

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Mosquito Misting Systems

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your outdoor fun. More and more households are purchasing Mosquito Misting Systems to control mosquitoes and other insects around their home. Keep bugs away and still have fun outdoors with Mosquito Misting Systems. At Palmetto Exterminators, Inc, and Palmetto Mosquito Control, we are dedicated to delivering results. We care about your […]

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The manner in which Palmetto Exterminators & Mosquito Control has provided in service and help is outstanding in my book. The polite and efficient manner that your company has serviced our home is OUTSTANDING and I thank you. I would not hesitate in recommending in your company to anyone, which is something I do in a very selected manner.

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