Mosquito Bite FAQs

Before you and your loved ones head outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, make sure to brush up on how to handle mosquito bites when you get them.

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Are Bug Zappers Effective for Mosquito Control?

With peak mosquito season being in full swing this time of year, one popular choice for DIY pest control is the use of electric bug zappers. But are these devices actually effective in keeping pests like mosquitoes away from our yards?

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Debunking 4 Common Mosquito Myths

Despite most of us being all too familiar with these annoying pests, how much do we really know about them? Although many theories have been circulated to explain their behavior, separating fact from fiction is key to improving mosquito control methods.

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Working with Palmetto has been amazing. It is a very family orientated company. I love getting to learn more about different pests and getting to challenge myself with new ideas.

Ashley - Greenville

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Palmetto did a great job for me. The employees were all very nice. The person that came to the house took the time to explain a couple areas of concern. Very satisfied.

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