5 Flowers That Attract Mosquitoes

Flowers that attract mosquitoes

One of the best parts about summer is enjoying the nice weather outdoors with your friends and family. Whether you are at a neighborhood barbeque or spending time in the pool, there are countless ways to have fun in the sun, but do you know what’s not so fun about summertime? Mosquitoes. It seems like no matter how much bug spray you use, they just never seem to leave you alone. However, humans are not the only things that mosquitoes are attracted to. In fact, some of the plants you have in your yard may even be drawing more of them in. Thankfully, our mosquito control professionals here at Palmetto Mosquito Control have compiled a list of flowers and plants that may be attracting these pesky insects to your home.

Water Lilies

Although beautiful, water lilies are known to be a flower that attracts mosquitoes. Despite not typically being grown in gardens, they are commonly found among homeowners with ponds and those living in the more marshy areas of the Carolinas. Because these flowers are grown in standing water and are known for their water-holding abilities, they make for an ideal nesting area for mosquitoes so they can lay their eggs.  

Jasmine Bushes

Not only do mosquitoes like stagnant water, but they also like dark, moist areas. If not kept under control, Jasmine bushes can grow large and spread across your yard quickly. When this happens, these dark and damp areas can form underneath them, providing an area where mosquitoes can not only lay eggs but also where they can escape from intense sunlight and heat during the day. Additionally, jasmine flowers have a strong scent due to their nectar, which also tends to attract mosquitoes. Nectar-producing plants like jasmine are known to draw in mosquitoes because both male and female mosquitoes can feed on the nectar to survive.

Butterfly Bushes

While more commonly known for their stunning flowers that will bring numerous butterflies to your yard, butterfly bushes will, unfortunately, bring mosquitoes along with them. As we mentioned above, the nectar produced by these plants functions as a food source for mosquitoes. While female mosquitoes typically only consume blood, they will often use nectar as well. Male mosquitoes will only feed on nectar from flowers and plants like butterfly bushes. Although there are many different species of mosquitoes, this particular one is known to attract the Asian Tiger mosquito. This species specifically is known for its aggressive biting and can be carriers of a variety of illnesses such as the Zika virus, the West Nile virus, and dengue fever.  

Monkey Grass

Although not technically a flower, liriope is another plant known to attract mosquitoes, more commonly known as monkey grass. It is often used for bordering lawns and flowerbeds and is great for ground cover. However, because it is so great for ground cover, this also means it is an excellent hiding place for mosquitoes. As previously mentioned, these insects love a dark and damp place to hang out during the day making monkey grass the perfect cover with its thick vegetation.

Water Hyacinth

Similar to water lilies, water hyacinths are plants with flowers that grow and float on top of bodies of water. Certain species of mosquitoes are drawn to these plants specifically, in that the eggs can grow on the plant itself rather than next to them in the water. Hidden by the vegetation, water hyacinth makes it more difficult for mosquito control professionals to identify where and if mosquitoes are actually breeding in the area.

Whether these plants are incorporated into your yard or not, there are a variety of different mosquito control services available from us at Palmetto Exterminators. From mosquito barrier treatments to mosquito misting systems, we can help you find a solution that works for you and your home. Contact us at Palmetto Mosquito Control today to get started!

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