Are Bug Zappers Effective for Mosquito Control?


With peak mosquito season being in full swing this time of year, the searches for effective at-home mosquito control solutions are at an all-time high. One popular choice for DIY pest control is the use of electric bug zappers. But are these devices actually effective in keeping pests like mosquitoes away from our yards in the summertime? Read on to see what the experts at Palmetto Mosquito Control know about the use of bug zappers for mosquito control.

What You Need to Know About Using Bug Zappers for Mosquito Control

What is a Bug Zapper?

As the name suggests, a zapper essentially lures various types of bugs into a confined space surrounded by metal grids and zaps them with electricity. The exterior is usually made of plastic or metal to house the additional elements and comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes. The light bulbs inside emit fluorescent light (mercury, neon, or ultraviolet light) to attract bugs to the apparatus. The electricity travels through wire meshes surrounding the lightbulb to then kill the insects.

How Effective is a Bug Zapper?

In terms of overall effectiveness for insect control, bug zappers are highly effective in diminishing pests and can kill as many as 10,000 bugs in just one night. However, they are virtually ineffective against mosquitoes and biting insects. One study found that only 0.25% of insects caught in bug zappers were mosquitoes, posing the question: why aren’t mosquitoes attracted to bug zappers?

The biggest barrier to the effectiveness of bug zappers for mosquito control is the fact that mosquitoes are not attracted to ultraviolet light. Instead, they are attracted to carbon dioxide and skin odor, which lead to those pesky mosquito bites. Learning about other mosquito control strategies will be more effective in targeting your mosquito problem.

While these zappers aren’t effective in ridding our least favorite pests, they can kill the ones that help our ecosystem thrive including songbirds, honey bee populations, and more. Not to mention, the force of their shock can cause mist to be spewed into the air. Since mosquitoes can carry a number of diseases, including West Nile Virus and Zika, we don’t want any disease-ridden parts or blood in the air we are breathing while outside enjoying our patios.

Our experts agree – as do a number of authorities in mosquito control – that bug zappers are an extremely ineffective way to get rid of your pests. To keep your space free of pests and prevent yourself from getting painful bites this summer, there are a number of other pest control solutions you can try!

Alternative Mosquito Control Solutions

Our pest control technicians at Palmetto Exterminators have comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience with insect control. We recommend steering clear of DIY natural bug repellents or dangerous chemicals that only provide a temporary solution to your pest problems.

As bug zappers can reduce the populations of helpful insects in the ecosystem around your home, the key to effective mosquito control lies in addressing the correct pest. Palmetto Mosquito Control offers a variety of mosquito-specific specialties in many convenient extermination service areas across the Carolinas. Two widely popular mosquito treatments for your yard include barrier treatments and misting systems.

  1. Barrier Treatments are a cost-effective approach to killing and repelling both mosquitoes and gnats. During mosquito and gnat season especially, our licensed and trained mosquito control technicians will perform a Mosquito Barrier Treatment in your yard every 2-4 weeks for maximum protection.
  2. Misting Systems are irrigation systems specifically designed for the control of mosquitoes and gnats. This is a great option for those not quite ready to commit to a full mosquito barrier treatment. These systems can be built around your landscape to get rid of mosquitoes in your desired locations.

In affiliation with Palmetto Exterminators, we have provided service areas across the Southeast with excellent mosquito and pest control for more than 58 years.

It’s time to build a mosquito control plan that works for your specific needs; get a free inspection today from one of our experienced mosquito exterminators throughout the Carolinas.

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