Risks of DIY Mosquito Control

Like any responsible, budget conscious adult, there are often household duties you attempt to address yourself rather than hire out. All too often we at Palmetto Mosquito Control find clients in desperate need of mosquito control who try to DIY their way to a mosquito-free yard and see disastrous results. While there are numerous issues with DIY mosquito control, they tend to fall into three primary categories: Environmental issues, Health issues and Issues with Cost.

Risks of DIY Mosquito Control: Environmental Issues

One of the most commonly encountered issues in the world of DIY mosquito control involves improper chemical application. Whether it is the wrong type of chemical, or the improper quantity, this can lead to disastrous results. If one is not cautious of the type of chemicals being
applied or the quantity of application, it is possible that groundwater may be affected and plants can become contaminated.

water testing post diy mosquito control

It is important to know the environmental standards regarding both the proper type of chemical to use, as well as the quantity to apply when properly implementing Mosquito Control tactics. This is one of the biggest reasons why mosquito control is often best left to the experts.

Health Issues

In addition you also may be inadvertently causing issues with your own health through improper chemical application when you attempt DIY mosquito control. If chemicals end up in your water supply due to improper mosquito treatment application, you are subjecting all individuals who ingest water in your home to potentially dangerous health issues. If food from your garden is ingested post DIY chemical application, you may also be allowing family members and guests to directly ingest harmful chemicals.

In addition, there are potentially damaging effects to the individual spraying chemicals. Children need space from chemical applications, and neighboring individuals and wildlife should also be shielded. Mosquito spraying professionals know and understand the proper precautions to take to keep individuals safe when implementing mosquito control measures.


Cost Issues

Many tried and true penny pinchers are reluctant to believe that hiring a mosquito control service can actually save them money, however it is actually valid on two spectrums. First of all time is money, so inevitably the amount of time it tends to take to research and properly conduct DIY mosquito control is often worth the value of hiring a company alone. In addition, chemicals and equipment used in DIY mosquito control cost money. Sometimes, in fact, they cost quite a bit of money! If the type of chemicals you initially try do not function up to par with your expectations, then you are looking at doubling both your monetary and time investment.

On the contrary, mosquito control companies are experienced and provide thorough coverage for a flat monthly or one-time fee. They conduct careful chemical selection and proper application methodologies for optimal results with minimal ecological effects. For your Mosquito Control needs, whether for a monthly mosquito barrier treatment, one-time special event treatment, or even for a full fledged mosquito misting system, be sure to contact Palmetto Mosquito Control. We have the knowledge base and skilled staff to implement whatever your mosquito control needs.

The manner in which Palmetto Exterminators & Mosquito Control has provided in service and help is outstanding in my book. The polite and efficient manner that your company has serviced our home is OUTSTANDING and I thank you. I would not hesitate in recommending in your company to anyone, which is something I do in a very selected manner.

Raymond and Stella

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