Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Camping Trip


Autumn is one of our favorite times of the year, with the lovely weather it brings and the vibrant colors of changing leaves. And what better way to enjoy the cooler temperatures than to take a camping trip? While fall is the perfect time to take a hike, bothersome mosquitoes enjoy it, too! If you are planning to spend some time in the great outdoors and connect with nature this season, here are our tips and tricks for keeping mosquitoes from sucking the fun out of your next camping adventure!

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away During Your Camping Trip

Bring the Right Camping Gear

Before hitting the road, make sure to bring all of the gear you need to stay protected from pests during your trip. If you are planning to pitch a tent, choose a double-walled tent with inner mesh for mosquito prevention and protection against other flying pests such as gnats. Always keep your tent flap zipped up at all times, even if you plan to just be gone for a second. In addition to a quality tent, you will want to bring along a nylon fly for your tent to keep out water.

If you plan on sleeping in a hammock rather than inside of a tent, make sure you have a reliable bug net to stay protected while you sleep. Be sure to bring preventative supplies that are easy to assemble so that it doesn’t add much time to your site setup. As an added layer of protection, consider setting up citronella candles around your site for mosquito prevention. Place these candles on a nearby picnic table, tree-stump, or cooler to avoid accidentally stepping on or knocking them over. Make sure to come prepared with the necessary supplies to treat itchy, red mosquito bites should you get some.

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Wear Protective Clothing

Clothing is one of the best shields against biting insects like mosquitoes. Luckily, with the cool weather, you probably won’t have to worry about overheating under long layers. Whenever you plan on spending time outdoors, whether hiking, camping, or relaxing on your porch, opt for these protective clothing items:

  • Wear loose-fitting, long-sleeved shirts and pants made of cotton.
  • Choose light-colored clothing, as dark colors attract mosquitoes.
  • Tuck long pants into your socks to keep your legs and ankles from being exposed.

Building a campfire is a necessity for any good camping expedition. Not only is a campfire a fun way to spend time with friends and family, but it’s also the perfect natural insect repellent. As you are roasting your hotdogs and s’ mores, you might even want to set your other clothes and gear next to the campfire so they can absorb the smoky scent, too.

Unfortunately, some people are simply “mosquito magnets”. If this applies to you, don’t worry; there are a few things you can do to combat these pests. Stick to unscented products during your trip to avoid worsening the problem with fragrances from soaps, deodorants, detergents, colognes, and perfumes.


Pick a Good Campsite

When you are choosing your campsite, make sure to pick a dry site away from any sources of water such as creeks, rivers, and lakes. Try to avoid going camping after heavy rainfall, as swampy land and stagnant water make for the perfect mosquito breeding grounds. In case an unexpected storm occurs during your trip, choose a campsite location that appears to get plenty of sunshine so that your site can dry out quicker. The perfect campsites also have a good breeze to help naturally blow away flying pests like mosquitoes and gnats.

While fire repels insects, other light sources tend to attract them. Although typically an unavoidable part of camping, using lanterns and flashlights may attract more bugs. If your fire is bright enough for you to safely navigate around your campsite, try to avoid using another light source. However, when you need to use a flashlight or lantern, make sure to turn them off as soon as you are done.

Plan Out Your Activities

Make sure to account for prime mosquito feeding times at dusk and dawn when planning your camping itinerary. If possible, try to remain inside at these times. Evenings can be a great opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones playing games or catching up while unplugged from technology and the stress of everyday life.

While staying inside isn’t always a realistic way to deter pests, you can avoid drinking alcohol or exercising during peak mosquito times. These activities are known to raise your body temperature and metabolic rate and release lactic acid that makes you sweat – one of the most attractive scents to mosquitoes!

Opt For a Backyard Camping Adventure

Enjoy the fresh fall air and spending time in nature without pesky mosquitoes ruining your camping fun! If you are looking to get outside without the hassle of planning a trip, consider pitching a tent in your own backyard. With our widely popular mosquito misting systems and mosquito barrier treatments, you won’t have to worry about mosquitoes crashing your camping trip.

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