How to Protect Your Pet from Mosquitoes

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While you may be excited for the warmer months, so are mosquitoes. These not-so-friendly pests pose a threat to you and your pets as they carry a myriad of potential diseases. They pose a formidable threat to animals because they carry heartworm, a parasite that can infect your pet’s organs. However, the pest control experts at Palmetto Exterminators and Mosquito Control have put together a list of ten ways to protect your pets from mosquitoes. 

Use Screen Doors and Windows 

With the warmer weather, it’s tempting to crack your windows or open your doors and enjoy the outdoors. However, if you don’t have a barrier set up between the outdoors and inside your home, your house can quickly become a mosquito hotspot exposing you and your household pets to their wrath. Make sure that you have screens on your windows and doors to ensure that you can still enjoy the great weather but you keep the mosquitoes out of your home. 

Remove Standing Water in Your Yard

Mosquitoes look for standing water to lay eggs, so if you have any standing water near your home getting rid of it is an excellent way to force them to relocate and keep them away from your pets. Things like trash cans, bird baths, tires, and planters are frequent collectors of standing water. Keeping an eye on them, or removing them completely, will help tremendously in any effort to mitigate mosquitoes. 

Practice Yard Hygiene 

Tall, thick brush is extremely attractive to mosquitoes. They like cool, damp environments so any overgrown plant is ideal for them. Keeping bushes and plants trimmed will help keep mosquitoes at bay, and keep your yard fresh for your pets to play in! 

Use Outdoor Fans

Mosquitoes are notoriously weak flyers and have a hard time in extreme weather. If you can simulate wind in your yard it will help keep them away. Not only will an outdoor fan keep you cool in those hot southern summer months, but it will prevent mosquitoes from being able to land or get near you and your pet. 

Avoid Mosquito Hours 

Mosquitoes are the most active at dawn and dusk. If you walk your pet or let them out regularly, consider walking them when the sun is fully up or fully down to decrease your chances of mosquito encounters. 

Don’t Use DEET

DEET is a commonplace insect deterrent found in most beg repellents. However, DEET can be toxic for pets. If you’re looking for an animal-safe bug spray, venture to your local pet store. Pet stores will typically sell animal-safe bug repellent. But make sure to check with your veterinarian before using any product on your pet. 

Citrus is Tricky 

Mosquitoes hate citrus smells and tastes, which is why citronella has been such a popular product for mosquito defense. While citronella is toxic to pets and should be avoided for a pet household, many people choose to use citrus oils on their pets to protect them. However, if citrus is ingested it can also be toxic for your pets. Before using citrus oils or sprays on your animal, check with your vet. 

Add a Bug Repellent Tag to Your Pets Collar 

Some companies manufacture mosquito-repellent tags to add to your pet’s collar. The metal tag uses frequencies that deter mosquitoes as opposed to scents or oils that could be potentially harmful to your pet. They take around three weeks to activate once added to your pet’s collar but can last up to a year. 

Prevent Heartworm with Medication

One of the most common consequences of mosquito bites on your pets is heartworm. Heartworm is a foot-long worm parasite that lives in the heart, lungs, and blood vessels of your pets and if untreated can cause hosts of problems including lung disease, heart disease, and organ failure. While most infected animals can be successfully treated, the best way to cure heartworm is to prevent your pet from contracting it. Regular heartworm medication is the best way to make sure that even if your pet does get bitten by a mosquito they are safe from a disease that mosquitoes famously transmit. 

Call an Exterminator 

If you want to ensure your mosquito problem stays away, consider contacting your local mosquito extermination company. Palmetto Mosquito has been serving the Carolinas for over 40 years and we are Green Pro certified. That means we can use organic pest repellent that won’t pose a threat to you, your pet, or the environment and will still effectively keep mosquitoes at bay. You can trust our technicians to administer our green mosquito control responsibly and safely. To learn more about our mosquito misting system or barrier treatment, call us or visit us online today!

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