How to Reduce Mosquitoes in Your Yard After Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain

Summer in the South can be an enchanting oasis of charm, heat, and fun, but if you’ve spent any time in the lowcountry, especially the coast, you’ll be familiar with the all-too-regular afternoon rainstorms. Though they may not prohibit summer fun in the way you may think, seeing as they only last about twenty minutes, they can cause an increased insect population in your backyard making Bar-B-Q’s, pool days, or just good old-fashioned playtime irksome. 

Mosquitos pose a variety of health risks ranging from the familiar and irritating bug bite to more serious threats like Zika, or even Malaria. Unfortunately, the wet grass of a backyard after an afternoon shower is the perfect habitat and breeding ground for these pests. Mosquitos prefer to lay their eggs in standing water, as the larvae are inept swimmers and would not survive in running water. The bacteria and fungus that grows there makes standing water ideal for mosquito procreation. Standing water is hard to find regularly, but manicured lawns provide a respite for the mosquitos to safely lay their eggs. Here are five tips from local mosquito control experts here at Palmetto Mosquito Control to help safeguard your backyard against the mosquito. 

Keep an Eye on Trash Cans and Buckets

Trash cans and buckets are a perfect environment for mosquito larvae. The standing water and manmade containers are an ideal breeding ground for insects. The eggs will stick to the side of the trash can or bucket until scrubbed off. Drill a hole in the bottoms of buckets to reduce the amount of standing water that is allowed to collect there. Clean your buckets and trash cans often, and keep your trash cans in a protected area when it rains so as to eliminate the threat of standing water entirely. 

Clean Out Your Gutters 

Make sure to clean out your gutters. The dead, wet, foliage that can collect there is a dream environment for a host of insects, including cockroaches, and the stagnant water also attracts mosquitoes. Cleaning out your gutters at least once a year, and especially before the start of the rainy season, reduces the chance that your gutters become the equivalent of a mosquito bassinet. 

Check Your Grill Cover 

The star of your cook-out or neighborhood block party can also be a culprit for harvesting mosquito larvae. Water can pool on top of your grill cover and create another environment highly sought after by a procreating mosquito. Make sure to constantly monitor your grill to stave off collecting water or mosquitoes. 

Maintain Pools and Ponds

Any pools, baby pools, bird baths, or ponds are at the top of any mosquitoes list. Make sure to consistently change the water in a bird bath or baby pool. Keeping the water fresh will deter some mosquito activity. Keep all ponds and pools treated and up to date to reduce the risk of an unwanted mosquito infestation

Check Your Tire Swing 

Although the centerpiece for happy childhood memories everywhere, water will collect in the bottom of a tire swing and attract a host of insects including mosquitoes. Drilling holes in the bottom of your tire swing allows children everywhere to continue to create idyllic moments, but the increased drainage will help keep mosquitoes from making that memory. 

Keeping shrubbery trimmed and lawns mowed will also help keep the mosquitoes away. Overgrown vegetation provides food and hiding spots for mosquitoes and other bugs or rodents. Keeping your lawn manicured aids any effort to reduce the presence of mosquitoes. 

There are some plants that claim to repel mosquitos, but these are not very effective. Although they may release a scent that is repellent to mosquitoes, they often do not release enough of it to make a difference. 

Use a Barrier Spray

Although following these tips will surely help with backyard mosquito control, the best way to make sure these annoying, and potentially dangerous, unwanted guests don’t push you out of your own yard, is to use a barrier spray. A barrier spray is an aerosol treatment that is sprayed on vegetation around your home to keep all sorts of bugs or insects away. While you can purchase your own barrier spray at a home and garden center, the best way to ensure protection is to have a professional mosquito control company come out and spray for you. 

Palmetto Mosquito Control offers a free pest inspection and a barrier spray service. A technician will come out to your home every 2-4 weeks during mosquito season, April through November, to spray your yard. This not only kills any present insects but repels new ones from moving in. The technician will also inspect for any breeding or harborage areas, spraying the target area, and carefully avoiding any sensitive areas like edible vegetation or Koi ponds. Then they will fog all shrubbery and apply larvicide to all breeding areas. Palmetto Mosquito Control also offers a green mosquito barrier treatment that uses organic and biodegradable products. With this thorough backyard mosquito control technique, your backyard will be protected. If you want year-long mosquito protection, Palmetto Mosquito Control also offers the installation of a mosquito misting system. This minimally invasive infrastructure acts as a sort of sprinkler system to target areas of your choosing and prevent mosquitos and gnats from harboring in your yard year-round. For special event mosquito control or to look at a neighborhood mosquito control plan, contact Palmetto Mosquito Control for your free consultation today.

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