Keep mosquitoes at bay – MIST!

misting-system---designing; mist to keep mosquitoes away

A Mosquito Misting System from Palmetto Mosquito Control is like an irrigation system for your backyard to get rid of mosquitoes and gnats. Mist to keep the mosquitoes away!

After an initial inspection and interview, a mosquito control technician will meet with you to review our suggested plan for your customized Mosquito Misting System. We utilize the most effective, organic, EPA-registered mosquito control products.

The Mosquito Misting System installation focuses on aesthetics, as well as maximum effectiveness. Much like a water irrigation system, every component of your Mosquito Misting System from the tank to the nozzles are hidden or blended into the landscape to treat the areas you choose.

Using an automatic digital timer, your Mosquito Misting System will deliver a fine, exactly measured mist for approximately 30 seconds at dawn and dusk to maximize mosquito control. Your tank will be refilled regularly and your system will receive maintenance when necessary.

Our Mosquito Misting System program includes surface spray treatment, jet fog treatment and larviciding free of charge when needed. We also offer a complete green Mosquito Misting System program.

Contact Palmetto Mosquito Control for as free Mosquito Misting System estimate.

Palmetto Mosquito Control installed and services our Coastal Mister automatic misting system. The system works very well and the service is exceptional. We have seldom found an organization as responsive and professional as Palmetto Mosquito Control. We have recommended them to many of our neighbors and they are all satisfied customers.

Jim and Mary Jo

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