Post-Hurricane Mosquito Control

You’ve just returned from a mandatory hurricane evacuation; you’ve checked in on all of your family members and friends, and you’re finally starting to get back into your daily routine. You’ve picked up the branches in your yard, and placed all of your outdoor furniture back on your porch. You are sitting in your rocking chair, thanking the powers that be that you were fortunate enough to dodge the brunt of the storm damage… when they start to bite.

Sure, you avoided the majority of the storm’s flooding, but you still got a little, or a lot, of rain here and there. That’s all it takes – the mosquitoes are swarming! Your lone all-natural citronella candle stood no chance.Mosquito on leaf

Unfortunately, mosquito and other pest populations tend to explode after water-related natural disasters. This is because mosquitoes love laying their eggs in pools of standing water or in piles of damp debris. If you do not have a post-hurricane mosquito eradication plan in place, now is the time to take action.

The first step is to eliminate any stagnant water on your property. Empty the water out of pots, buckets, pet bowls, garbage cans, or other open containers. It does not take much to incubate mosquito eggs, so consider unlikely places like tires and children’s toys as well. Not all mosquito breeds are alike, though, so you need to be aware of more than just areas of still water. Remove as much damp debris from your property as you can, and be sure to check your gutters as well.Stagnant water where mosquitos like to lay eggs

After you’ve emptied and drained as much water as you can, there still might be areas of moisture or damp soil. This is the time to apply larvicide to prevent those eggs from becoming biting and potentially hazardous adults. For mosquitoes that have already matured, a misting treatment is the next line of defense. If you are taking these measures yourself, please ensure that you are following the directions carefully to keep your family and the environment safe.

For smarter, longer-term solutions, Palmetto Mosquito Control can install a Mosquito Misting System. This program includes periodic inspections as well as larviciding, surface spray treatment, and jet fog treatment at no additional cost.

For mosquitoes that have already matured, a barrier treatment is the next line of defense. Our barrier treatments involve thorough outdoor inspections for mosquito breeding and harborage areas, a surface spray treatment of the targeted area, a jet fog harborage areas, such as shrubbery, where mosquitoes rest and larviciding of mosquito breeding areas.

With the weather finally starting to cool a bit, you deserve to be able to enjoy the outdoors again! Be sure to contact us or schedule a free inspection to get your yard back in action.

Palmetto Mosquito Control installed and services our Coastal Mister automatic misting system. The system works very well and the service is exceptional. We have seldom found an organization as responsive and professional as Palmetto Mosquito Control. We have recommended them to many of our neighbors and they are all satisfied customers.

Jim and Mary Jo

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