The Science Behind Neighborhood Mosquito Control Services


If you live in a neighborhood with common areas, then integrated mosquito management, often referred to as integrated pest management, is a great option for keeping the pests away. Effective mosquito control should be both an individual and public responsibility. That’s why the mosquito pest control experts at Palmetto Mosquito Control are here to help. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about neighborhood mosquito control solutions to help you decide if it’s the right plan for your community.

Community Mosquito Control Explained

What Do Neighborhood Mosquito Treatments Do?

Community mosquito prevention combines a number of methods to effectively keep mosquito populations under control. Each neighborhood mosquito control system is based on our mosquito exterminators’ extensive experience with and knowledge of basic mosquito biology, behaviors, and the life cycle. Mosquito spraying services work to 1) control the general mosquito population in your area and 2) reduce your chances of contracting one of these common mosquito-borne illnesses. 

How Do Neighborhood Mosquito Treatments Work?

As mosquito control experts, we use motorized vehicles to spray a fine mist of insecticide into the air to kill mosquitoes around your neighborhood. It instantly kills adult mosquitoes that may be flying in the air to prevent them from repopulating. The best time for this mosquito treatment is during hours of high mosquito activity in the early morning or evening. For optimal results, we ensure that our mosquito spraying systems are:

  • Properly calibrated to ensure enough product is being used without harming beneficial insects in the process
  • Timed to coincide with peak hours for mosquito activity and ideal wind conditions such as speed and direction
  • Spray particles are not too large to ensure that they reach flying mosquitoes but not too small that they are ineffective 
  • Vehicle speed is not too fast that it is not effective but not too slow that it affects non-targets such as plants and other insects

What Mosquito Control Services Are Included?

Palmetto’s expert mosquito exterminators help your community develop a customized mosquito control plan to help keep your neighbors safe. Our mosquito exterminators perform regular mosquito surveillance around your community, taking note of the mosquito population in the area, the species of mosquitoes, breeding grounds, and activity levels to better plan control activities and decide on optimal treatment frequency. 

Our mosquito exterminators then put larvicide in problem areas such as catch basins, swamps, ditches, and other sources of stagnant water that could be a mosquito breeding ground. Once we prevent further population growth, our mosquito control experts apply pesticides to specified roadways, cart paths, and nature trails. If needed, Palmetto Mosquito Control offers mosquito barrier treatments on targeted areas that may need extra attention. While both of our products are effective, they are temporary and must be routinely performed to keep mosquitoes away for good.

Where Are Neighborhood Mosquito Treatments Applied?

Our mosquito exterminators provide mosquito spraying services, from surveillance and disease monitoring all the way to control and education. These solutions are tailored to fit your community’s needs. Depending on what amenities your community offers and which areas are most problematic, we typically provide mosquito treatments on: 

  • Nature Trails
  • Pools 
  • Golf Courses
  • Tennis Courts 
  • Clubhouses
  • Administrative Buildings
  • Bike Pathways 
  • Park Areas 
  • Yards

Why Are Mosquito Control Services Important?

Not only are mosquitoes a huge bother, but they are also the world’s deadliest animals. Mosquitoes are responsible for more than one million deaths each year, while another 700 million are affected. With mosquito control services from Palmetto Exterminators and Mosquito Control, you can help keep your community safe. Our mosquito exterminators offer both individual and neighborhood mosquito treatments to keep these pests out of your backyard. Contact us today for more information on our mosquito spraying services or to schedule your free pest inspection!

Are Mosquito Spraying Services Safe? 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that integrated mosquito control services are scientifically proven to reduce numbers of mosquitoes and are completely safe for pets, people, and the environment when used properly. That being said, you and your neighbors will not need to leave the area when spraying takes place. 

What Else Can I Do to Prevent Mosquitoes in My Neighborhood? 

After your professional mosquito treatment, you and your neighbors can take supplementary measures to reduce the mosquito populations in your home and around your community. Consider holding a community cleanup event to remove sources of debris and stagnant water such as old tires, buckets, trash containers, birdbaths, and more. Check out these resources to see other ways to help with your community mosquito control:

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