What to Know About Winterized Mosquito Control



It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Loved ones gather together around a warm fire. Lights are strung from corner to corner. Thoughtfully wrapped presents patiently wait to be opened. Pesky mosquitoes far away from ruining the holiday festivities, a gift in and of itself. But before you get too overjoyed with all the cheer and festivities, make sure to review our guide to winterized mosquito control so that you can enjoy the holiday season free of these bothersome pests!

Your Guide to Mosquito Control in the Wintertime

Are Mosquitoes Active in the Winter?

Though mosquitoes may not be actively swarming during the winter months, they are far from gone. So, where exactly do these cold-blooded pests go? Some adult mosquitoes may find sheltered spots to hibernate in until warmer weather while other species simply die off. Nonetheless, they become inactive, but not before laying the next generation. Female mosquitoes will deposit their winter eggs in items that hold as little as a half-inch of water. Unfortunately, they are quite resilient and can withstand below-freezing temperatures.

Though they are in a state of diapause, or dormancy, in the winter, mosquito eggs still pose a significant threat considering they can carry and transmit many different illnesses to humans when they hatch. Once temperatures begin to rise in the spring and rainfall submerges the eggs in the water, they resume development. In the next two to five days, the mosquito larvae will hatch and develop into flying adults shortly thereafter. Depending on the species, males typically feed on plant nectar, sap, or honeydew, while females feed on, well, us. Blood provides the nutrients they need to lay more eggs during peak activity in the late spring and summer months.

How to Winterize Your Mosquito Control & Prevention

Mosquitoes may be out of sight during the winter months but they should not be out of mind, or more importantly, your mosquito and pest control habits. Before you head inside to enjoy a cozy fire, be sure to go through our mosquito prevention checklist around your home and yard. This includes emptying all containers storing standing water, including flowerpots, grill covers, animal troughs, buckets, and birdbaths. Check around your yard for any overgrown brush or shrubbery in need of a trim, too.

As you are surveying, also keep an eye out for any clogged gutters or leaky pipes on the outside of your home. Quickly addressing these issues will help prevent water from collecting, which creates the perfect nursery for mosquitoes, and potentially reduce the number of mosquitoes that hatch in your area. Of course, you should still call your local professional mosquito exterminators who can help you effectively manage mosquitoes and lower the risk of being bitten during peak season.

Best Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors in the Mosquito Off-Season

Getting outside isn’t quite as much fun when you are being plagued by pesky mosquitoes during the warmer months. Luckily, the winter weather tends to provide solace against flying pests including gnats and mosquitoes. As long as you are taking the proper preventative steps to guard against mosquitoes, these pests shouldn’t put a damper on your holiday spirit!

Before heading outside to enjoy the brisk, mosquito-free winter air, make sure to check your local weather station. There may still be a few of these cold-blooded pests flying around until after the first frost when temperatures are consistently below 50 degrees. If you live in a coastal climate, the warmer winters can support mosquito activity for longer, so make sure to wear longer layers. We recommend bundling up with mosquito-deterring clothing items to help reduce the off-chance of being bitten. Now you’re ready to enjoy a few of our favorite outdoor activities this season (and without the mosquitoes!).

  • Head to your nearest ice skating rink and learn to glide like a professional.
  • Play your own version of these wintertime games with the whole family.
  • Enjoy s’mores and hot cocoa around a backyard bonfire.
  • Pack a picnic and enjoy a meal at a nearby park.
  • Take a winter camping trip and hike with loved ones.

As we come closer to wrapping up the year, it’s time to get ahead with the proper mosquito prevention for next season. You don’t have to wait for winter weather to enjoy the outdoors with the help of our local mosquito exterminators. If you want to make your outdoor space livable again, contact us today to learn more about our reliable mosquito control services, including a mosquito misting system, mosquito barrier treatment, and community mosquito spraying services. Palmetto Mosquito Control wishes you a happy holiday season full of warmth and cheer!

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