When Should You Start Preparing For Summer Mosquito Control?

Summer Mosquito


Have you noticed something lacking in the air during the winter? Mosquitoes. Thankfully, these pests can’t stand cold weather so, we get a much-anticipated break from these flying nuisances for a few short months. While the mosquito-free season is great, it doesn’t last forever. To make sure that mosquito season does not sneak up on us, it is important to prepare in advance for the arrival of these terrible pests. Here are some recommendations from Palmetto Mosquito Control on when you should start preparing for summer.

When is Mosquito Season? 

Mosquito season occurs from March to September and could last longer in regions that experience warmer temperatures and humidity for longer periods of time. This season is characterized by warm temperatures, humidity, and rain. Mosquitos thrive in hot, muggy temperatures so areas, particularly in the Lowcountry and southeastern region experience very intense mosquito seasons. The peak of mosquito season is when the temperatures are the hottest with the highest levels of humidity, aka summer. While these pests are most active in the summer, mosquito eggs start hatching as soon as March, when temperatures start to increase from the cold winter months. More specifically, these eggs hatch when temperatures reach around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. To prepare for these pesky insects, it is important that you start your summer mosquito control precautions before they hatch and no later than March.

How to Prepare for Mosquitoes

How do you prepare for mosquito season to avoid the unwanted effects they bring?

The first thing you should do is remove any standing water. Standing water exists in buckets full of rainwater, in drains, and in gutters. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water so it is vital to make sure there are no places for them to do so in and near your home. You can prevent this by regularly emptying out buckets with water and cleaning out gutters and drains. 

Another important thing to do is maintain your yard and pool if you have one. This includes cutting the grass, getting rid of leaf piles, and other yard debris. If you have a pool, make sure to clean and maintain it regularly. An unkempt yard is a mosquito’s paradise so make sure yours does not become one. 

When it comes to the house itself, make sure doors and windows are properly insulated so there is no room for mosquitoes to creep in. Make sure you are also prepped with mosquito repellent for when these pests return. 

Prepare for Mosquito Season Now! 

Now that you know when to start preparing and how to prepare for the annual mosquito invasion, make sure you have a mosquito control company you rely on. Here in the Lowcountry and in North Carolina, Palmetto Mosquito Control is dedicated to providing you with services such as barrier treatments and installing mosquito misting systems to take your mosquito control up a notch. While there is a lot you can do to prepare for mosquito season, having the help of a specialized service can do wonders in protecting your home from these persistent pests. 

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