Where Do Mosquitoes Live Besides Your Home?


Mosquitoes in History

Mosquitoes have undoubtedly shaped human history. Malaria epidemics led dying people to a new religion that promised eternal salvation, catalyzing the spread of Christianity. They killed almost all of the Scottish sailors in the new world, the debt of which would drive Scotland to accept a unification offer from England, creating Great Britain. They forced human bodies to adapt at unprecedented rates to survive the diseases they transmitted, introducing sickle cell. They contributed to one of the biggest catastrophes in human history, the Atlantic Slave Trade, by killing 95% of indigenous American populations thereby incenting slaveholders to search elsewhere for labor. The Nazis flooded swamps in northern Italy during World War II to attract malarial mosquitoes to the camps of Italian soldiers, and it worked. Even now, there are 100 trillion mosquitoes on the planet at any given moment. They rack human populations everywhere with disease. Even western countries that have seen the decline of diseases like malaria and yellow fever are now being struck with other mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika and dengue. 

The name Mosquito originates from the Spanish word “mosca” meaning fly and the ending “ito ” meaning little. They are small winged flies that can live in humid, subtropical, warm, temperate, and cool climates. There are 3,500 different species of mosquitoes globally. They are considered a public health crisis. They are human’s biggest predators, being responsible for 52 billion human deaths to date. Even today mosquitoes are responsible for around 800,000 deaths per year.

Where Do Mosquitoes Live? 

Long story short, mosquitoes can live anywhere. They are extremely adaptable and can live in almost every conceivable habitat. The largest attractor for mosquitoes, however, is standing water. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in and their larva develops in still water. That makes gutters, pots, bird baths, garbage cans, or really anything that can collect water a perfect mosquito habitat. 

Although you can find mosquitoes in a myriad of different places and environments, there are some that they prefer. Warm, standing water is a favorite of mosquitoes as is tall dense grass where they can take cover in its shade. Because of this, areas like swamps and marshes are a hotspot for mosquitoes. 

Mosquitoes are weak fliers and therefore don’t travel well in the wind. If you live or are visiting a windier area, like a beach, it’s unlikely that you’ll see or feel many mosquitoes. However, there is no guarantee that one or two won’t be brave enough to venture out to where you’re sitting. Make sure to wear proper bug repellent to protect yourself from these relentless pests. 

The mosquito’s body changes drastically throughout its lifecycle, needing different kinds of environments at different stages. One constant, however, is the water supply. Water is imperative for mosquito birth and survival. Female mosquitoes lay eggs in batches, called rafts, which can contain anywhere between 50-300 eggs at one time. They lay them on the edges of water receptacles, or lakes and ponds. When water rises or shifts, it floods the eggs and stimulates them to hatch. The mosquito’s life cycle typically lasts two weeks but can last for as long as a month. 

How To Keep Your Yard Mosquito Free

The best way to keep your yard as mosquito-free as possible is to keep your grass short and pay attention to anything that could act as a receptacle for water. Unfortunately, these actions won’t eliminate mosquitoes completely. If they continue to plague you and your family, especially as the months get warmer, contact your local pest mosquito exterminators. Palmetto Mosquito Control offers a variety of mosquito control options and mosquito treatments that are safe for the environment and your family, and effective on these annoying and dangerous insects. Call Palmetto Mosquito Control today to book your free inspection! 

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