Where Mosquitoes Go When They’re Not Around

Most people never stop to think about where mosquitoes go when they’re not around – they are far too busy enjoying life without mosquitos! However, just because you aren’t seeing the mosquitoes active doesn’t mean they aren’t nearby. Knowledge is power in the exterminating game, so it’s good to know where the pests you are trying to avoid are at when you are not playing the role of their snack.

Where do mosquitoes go during the day?

In the Spring, Summer, and Fall, it is unlikely that you’ll find too many mosquitoes humming around midday in the warmer regions of the southeast. You may even feel that mosquito and gnat control isn’t necessary! Mosquitoes are most active when the temperatures climb into the 80s, but direct heat can become unbearable for them. During the day, they prefer to lie low away from the sun’s dehydrating rays.

Mosquitoes like to find sheltered places, ideally ones that are humid or have water sources nearby. Tall grasses, thick brush, shallow holes in the ground, hollow logs and trees, and rock shelters are all viable outdoor mosquito campsites. When the mosquitoes are living near human structures, they may choose to take cover in barns, culverts, and even your closet! Almost any dark and protected place will work for them.

mosquitoes in grass

There are some species of mosquitoes that are active from dawn until about noon, but most will wait to make an appearance until dusk.

Where do mosquitoes go in the winter?

Because most mosquitoes stop flying in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you won’t often see them in the winter. Occasionally, a few will make their way into a house before the temperature drops, but the vast majority of them will either die or go into hibernation.

The eggs of the non-hibernating mosquitoes are hardy enough to survive the winter. Female mosquitoes will lay their last batch of eggs before they die off, and those eggs will remain in water-collecting areas until Spring. When temperatures rise again and rain covers the eggs, they will begin to hatch.

mosquito eggs in water

The alternative to overwintering in the egg stage is hibernation. Some species of mosquitoes hibernate in their adult stage and emerge from their torpor when the weather warms up. Females can hibernate while they still have eggs to deposit, so they will immediately look for a warm-blooded meal when they wake up.

What can you do?

If you know where mosquitoes are likely to be, you take action against them. Cutting back long grasses and foliage, filling in holes in the ground and trees, and disturbing potential mosquito shelters can help cut back on the mosquito presence in the warmer months, which can also discourage them from spending the winter by your home as well. Mosquito misting systems and mosquito barrier treatments can also be useful.

For more information on how you can keep mosquitoes away from your home, contact Palmetto Mosquito Control or reach out for a Free Inspection of your property today.

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