Will Your Holiday Decorations Attract Mosquitoes?

Holiday Decorations

Here in the Lowcountry, autumn is in full swing! As the weather begins to cool off, most of us are excited to celebrate by decorating for the upcoming holidays. While decor can be a great way to join in on seasonal festivities, it can also invite some unwanted pests to the party. As a family-owned business, Palmetto Mosquito Control understands how special it can be to celebrate the changing seasons with your family’s holiday traditions, and we want to ensure that you have the knowledge to decorate without the worry of mosquitoes and other pests.

With decades of expertise and proven results, the team at Palmetto Mosquito Control will walk you through the best practices to keep your holiday decor mosquito-free. Read on to learn which holiday decorations attract mosquitoes and other insects, how to celebrate the holiday season without mosquitoes, and why mosquito control solutions are essential even in the colder seasons.

Hay & Pine Needles

Around Halloween and Thanksgiving, some people may like the look of bales of hay or sprinkled pine needles around the exterior of their homes. While it may look aesthetically pleasing, hay and pine are a welcoming invitation to mosquitoes and pests. With the Lowcountry rain showers, the hay is almost guaranteed to get wet — and soggy, fermented hay makes an optimal breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

Palmetto Exterminators advises that you keep hay and pine away from your doorstep and use mosquito treatments on the decor. If you don’t want to sacrifice this kind of decoration completely, consider making it a lawn decoration by placing it further away from your doorstep and into your front yard. If you still can’t bear to give up your front door hay bales, have an exterminator visit to perform mosquito spraying services in the area as an extra layer of protection. 

If You’re Using Lights, Make Sure They’re LED

String lights are a great way to bedazzle your home, no matter the occasion. However, many people worry that their colorful lights will attract mosquitoes and other pests. Palmetto Mosquito Control is here to let you in on a little secret: LED lights do not attract nearly as many bugs as traditional lights.

LED lights do not emit any ultraviolet light, which makes them less attractive to insects. While they are not completely bug-proof, they will attract noticeably fewer bugs. Along with their low UV emission, LED lights also stay cooler, reducing the risk of any light-related fire, and they last up to 10 times longer than traditional lights — saving you both money and time. 

Gingerbread Houses & Other Treats

What’s more sustainable than an edible holiday decoration? While building and decorating gingerbread houses are a memorable tradition for many families, those houses are the most attractive properties on the market for home-shopping bugs. Palmetto Mosquito Control recommends that you plastic wrap your creation at night to seal out any dust, moisture, and pests.

When it comes to other baked goods, leaving dishes out for snacking & decoration is ok for a few hours, but make sure to have air-tight containers on hand to prevent any bugs from having their share. If you are utilizing sweets for decoration only, Palmetto Mosquito Control recommends spraying with indoor-safe mosquito treatment.

Halloween Candy

Halloween candy is another iconic part of the holiday season, especially for your children. There’s nothing more exciting than scoring a big haul of treats on Halloween night, and little ones will likely want to keep their stash hidden for themselves. 

To avoid any open candy for insects to enjoy, make sure that your child’s candy is properly stored, and discard any open wrappers. Also, make sure to wash both your and your child’s hands after handling Halloween candy; sticky, sugary hands can leave residue on your indoor surfaces, which will attract a variety of bugs into your home. 

The Cold Weather is Your Best Friend

When temperatures first start to drop, many pests attempt to take refuge in your home to escape the cooler weather. It’s important to keep up with your mosquito treatments and mosquito spraying services through the fall to stay ahead of the game.

However, as cool turns to cold, many of the less-hardy pests will become less of a problem. Since the majority of autumn and winter holidays are during the colder part of the year, most insects are dormant for the winter and won’t be too active. However, some bugs are persistent: Palmetto Mosquito Control still encourages you to continue receiving mosquito treatments, no matter the weather or season. 

Wreaths, Pinecones & Garland

Wreathes, pinecones & garlands look classic and beautiful during the Christmas season. However, whether real or artificial, they make great hiding places for all kinds of insects. Make sure to inspect all decorations before hanging them up, even if they go outdoors. 

Palmetto Mosquito Control recommends baking real pinecones at 250° for 30-45 minutes to get rid of bugs and sap. It is also best practice to try selecting such decorations without any natural elements, and spraying well with insecticide or mosquito treatments to lower your chances of mosquitoes and other pests joining the party. 

Keep Up With Your Routine Bug Treatments

It’s a common misconception that mosquito spraying services aren’t necessary as temperatures drop. However, the Lowcountry doesn’t get cold enough to kill many of the insects in hiding — especially those that are taking refuge in your home’s warm, insulated walls. 

Additionally, while male mosquitoes usually die off in the winter months, female mosquitoes go into dormancy, preparing for egg development in the spring. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain your mosquito and pest control services year-round. Palmetto Mosquito Control provides a variety of customizable, family-friendly and affordable services that will keep your home pest-free no matter the season. Learn more about our monthly mosquito control solutions here and inquire about a free inspection today.

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