Palmetto Mosquito Control is proud to service Murrells Inlet. We offer our full line of services to the Murrells Inlet area, including barrier mosquito treatments and misting systems for both residential and commercial properties.

Murrells Inlet residents and business owners will be serviced by our Myrtle Beach location.

Mosquito Barrier Treatments:

Palmetto Mosquito Control applies our Mosquito Barrier Treatments every 2-4 weeks during the mosquito season. This season is most often March through November, but the precise time frame will depend on several factors, such as location, the environment, the weather patterns, and specific areas in your own yard that may be providing a safe haven for mosquitoes to breed. Our professionals will assess all of these factors and customize a Mosquito Barrier Treatment for your particular needs.

This barrier treatment eliminates mosquitoes and gnats and repels new ones from the treated area. To finish up the process, we will conduct a surface spray treatment based on the needs of your yard and apply larvicide to mosquito breeding areas. If you’re worried about the chemicals affecting either your plants or your ponds, please note that we take great care to avoid sensitive areas while still accomplishing the task of eliminating mosquitoes.

Mosquito Misting System:

Together with Palmetto Exterminators, Palmetto Mosquito Control has been installing and servicing mosquito misting systems for over fifteen years. With our Mosquito Misting System, customers also receive Integrated Pest Management services.

A Mosquito Misting System is an irrigation system that is designed for your unique space that controls the population of gnats and mosquitoes. Our immediate priority is to make this system effective, but we also work to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Customers who install our Mosquito Misting System will receive even more benefits from our program. These include inspection and identification of mosquito species, larviciding, surface spray treatment, and jet fogging treatments as necessary.

For more information on the topic, contact our main office or contact your local branch by phone.

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What Our Employees Say:

Working with Palmetto has been amazing. It is a very family orientated company. I love getting to learn more about different pests and getting to challenge myself with new ideas.

Ashley - Greenville

What Our Customers Say:

Palmetto Mosquito Control installed and services our Coastal Mister automatic misting system. The system works very well and the service is exceptional. We have seldom found an organization as responsive and professional as Palmetto Mosquito Control. We have recommended them to many of our neighbors and they are all satisfied customers.

Jim and Mary Jo