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At Palmetto Exterminators, we have created a 2014 Columbia SC Summer Camp Guide to help to ease the burden of tracking down fun and engaging summer camps.

Best Summer Day Camps in the Columbia SC region, Palmetto Exterminators knows that for many parents, the search for the perfect summer camp can be a daunting task.

With such a variety of local Columbia SC summer camps available, at such a wide range of prices, it can be difficult to know where to begin.



Palmetto Exterminators has been protecting people’s health, their property and the environment for over 50 years. With 8 locations, we serve customers in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.

 Palmetto Exterminators Best Summer Camps Columbia SC

Campers 3-4 Years Old

Giggle Science (June 2-6, July 14-18))
Get ready for a week of giggles and goggles! Giggle Science campers will experience the joy of scientific discovery by working directly with real lab equipment in EdVenture’s BioInvestigations Lab. Activities are designed to excite and amaze our smallest scientists as they measure, mix and mash their way through camp. Everyone will have fun getting their hands dirty while erupting volcanoes, creating slime, and much more!

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Edible EdVentures (June 9-13, July 21-25))
Ignite your culinary curiosities with a week of Edible EdVentures! Campers will enjoy a week of learning in the kitchen as they discover tasty recipes, geography and science. We’ll introduce your little chef to the wonderful and creative world of cooking, cutting, chopping dicing, mixing and more. Campers will dive into the world of herbs and cultivate their flavor pallet to rival that of chefs from around the world!

Click here to register for Edible EdVentures now


Mini-Makers (June 16-20, July 28-Aug 1)
Discover what the maker movement is all about!  Campers will unleash their imagination in this fun week of creative thinking as they make things, take them apart, and share their knowledge.  Campers will experiment with traditional and untraditional materials as they explore printmaking, simple robots, and creating their own stuffed animal.

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Where the Wild Things Are (June 23-27)
You don’t have to travel far to discover the magic of the wild – it’s right in your backyard! In this thrilling week of bug catching, water exploration, and plant life – campers will investigate natural habitats and the organisms living right outside their door.

Click here to register for Where the Wild Things Are now


Storybook Smashup (July 7-11)
Discover the science, technology, engineering, and math hidden in the pages of your favorite children’s books in this wacky combination of fairytales and STEM. From engineering in the Three Little Pigs to oxidation in Snow White, stories are sure to come alive as leading characters guide the way through hands-on experiments to explain the science behind these fanciful tales.

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Up in Smoke (Aug 4-8)
With the newly renovated Dalmatian Station as the backdrop and a 24-foot fire truck as the stage, campers will learn how to be safe around fire, how to respond in emergencies, and how firefighters keep our communities safe. Suit up in your fire response gear for a blazing week of firefighting fun!

Click here to register for Up in Smoke now

Campers 5-7 Years Old

Culinary 101 (June 2-6, July 14-18)
Earn your cooking stripes in this introductory cooking camp! Campers will explore incredible recipes and exercise their culinary muscles by creating their very own dishes. Your little chef will be guided through the culinary arts and develop their very own cookbook!

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Spa Science (June 2-6, July 7-11, July 28-August 1)
Bouncing bubbles, foaming monsters, and bath bombs! Learn how to make your very own bath supplies and the science behind them. Campers will make bath crayons, masks, scrubs, bubble bath, soaps, and even perfumes! Spa Science Campers will also learn about makeup and how it is used in theatre (it’s not just for girls!). With daily bubble parties, this camp is sure to be full of smiles and suds!

Click here to register for Spa Science now


EDDIE’s Engineering Camp (June 9-13)
Engineers are responsible for designing some of the most amazing structures on our planet and beyond. We’ll work together and use our imaginations to design and construct robots, rockets, electric circuits, and more!

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The Living World (June 16-20, July 7-11)
Bacteria, cells, and fungi! Oh my! Young investigators will take a closer look at the microbes all around them. Then, we will turn the investigation on ourselves! Campers will learn to use a microscope, make DNA bracelets, explore cellular structures and more. Join us as we navigate the mysteries of The Living World, which starts right under your skin!

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Camp Make! (June 23-27, Aug 4-8)
Tinker, create, design and MAKE! In celebration of the maker movement, Camp Make is devoted to exploration and creativity. Your little tinkerer will experience what it’s like to design and create their very own products. From stuffed animals to JunkBots, your young inventor will learn the true meaning of DIY and the art and science behind it all!

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Robo-Fun (July 21-15)
Crank up the creativity and build your own ideas! Campers will unleash their imagination as they build simple robots and send them through a cardboard city! Imagine it, build it, and make it go!

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Campers 8-10 Years Old

MakeShop BreakShop! (June 2-6, July 7-11)
Get your creative gears spinning! If you ever have the inkling to take things apart just so you can put them back together, then MakeShop BreakShop is made for you. Campers will use real tools to bring their unique ideas to life in this exciting and creative camp! Explore electronics and circuitry as we bring all of these scientific ideas together to create really cool pieces of art!

Click here to register for MakeShop BreakShop! now


Bio Lab Detective (June 9-13)
Some funny things have been happening around our BioInvestigations Lab lately…and it’s up to you to investigate! Campers will learn to properly and safely use various medical and scientific lab equipment including microscopes, micropipettes, and sphygmomanometers. What a mouthful!  We will use our new tools to solve dilemmas and investigate curious scientific and medical mysteries.  It’s elementary, my dear detective!

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EDDIE’s Pet Care Certification (June 16-20)
Does your best friend have four legs? Do you want to learn about pets? Join us for a pawsitively awesome time as we explore the biology, anatomy and history of our furry friends. Campers will receive an introduction to veterinary practices, learn first aid for our friends of the animal kingdom, and discover the skills and tools needed to provide proper routine care for cats, dogs, fish, turtles, hamsters, ferrets and more!

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Global Chef (June 23-27, August 4-8)
Are you ready to expand your culinary horizons? Tag along with EDDIE® and friends for an around the world culinary adventure! We’ll explore exciting global cuisine, discover the food cultures of exotic locations, and make our very own global dishes. From Italian to Japanese, Latin to Indian; the Global Chef Camp will expose your camper to a whole new world of flavors. Your camper will definitely gain a few stamps in their culinary passport!

Click here to register for Global Chef now


Robotastic MMXIV (July 14-18)
Come have fun with bots! Your little engineer will learn how to build and program their very own robot. We’ll explore current uses of robotics technology and brainstorm how people might use robots in day-to-day life in 3013. What will the future of robotics technology look like? You decide!

Click here to register for Robotastic MMXIV


Four-Alarm Fire Camp (July 21-25)
It’s go time! Find out what it takes to be a South Carolina firefighter. This searing week of camp is taught by educational specialists from the South Carolina Division of Fire and Life Safety. Four-alarm campers will visit the South Carolina Fire Academy and participate in a real recruit school! A graduation ceremony will be held at the end of the week where each four-alarm camper will receive a special certificate showing they’ve learned the essentials of fire and life safety. (For each special off-site camp day, parents will drop off and pick up their camper from the specified site).

Click here to register for Four-Alarm Fire now


Molecular Munchables (July 28-Aug 1)
If you are what you eat, then what exactly is sitting on your plate? Your camper will use real lab equipment to take a closer look at kitchen science and dissect their diet, including its effects on their body. Don your chef’s hat and lab coat as we design experiments to learn more about sugar crystals, funny fermentations, and the chemistry of carbs! Whet your appetite for scientific discovery in Molecular Munchables!

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Campers 11-12 Years Old

Five-Alarm Fire Camp (June 2-6, July 28-Aug 1)
Let’s move! Discover what it takes to be a part of the South Carolina firefighting team. This blazing week of camp is taught by educational specialists from the South Carolina Division of Fire and Life Safety. Five-alarm campers will visit the South Carolina Fire Academy and participate in a real recruit school! A graduation ceremony will be held at the end of the week where each five-alarm camper will receive a special certificate showing they’ve learned the essentials of fire and life safety. (For each special off-site camp day, parents will drop off and pick up their camper from the specified site).

Click here to register for Five-Alarm Fire Camp now

EDDIE’s MakeShop (June 9-13, July 14-18)
Creativity comes together in our unique makeshop where campers learn to use their noggins to solve a series of problems! Campers will channel their inner engineer as they explore the fundamentals of electrical engineering, design robots, and learn to solder. Campers will explore EdVenture’s maker space and use tools to design and create with everyday materials.

Click here to register for EDDIE’s MakeShop now


Camp Chef (June 16-20, July7-11)
Is your camper ready to become the next top chef? Campers will take their cooking and baking skills to the next level as they cook tasty treats and savory dishes. Campers will explore foods and dishes from all over the world, learn essential cooking methods, and bring home recipes that the whole family will love! Your camper will experience a hands-on crash course in meal preparation. Each camper will gain access to our world class kitchen and build their dishes from the ground up. Aprons on, GO!

Click here to register for Camp Chef now


BioGene-ius! (June 23-27, August 4-8)
Become a true BioGene-ius in EdVenture’s BioInvestigations Lab!  After learning about proper safety techniques, campers will gear up for advanced DNA discoveries! Campers will make DNA models, breed fruit flies and predict the traits of their offspring. Dive into the double helix and discover precisely what makes your DNA unique with this mind-boggling fun!

Click here to register for BioGene-ius! now


Earth Rocks! Digging for Answers (July 21-25)

There’s so much to discover underground!  Campers will explore the science beneath Earth’s crust as they experiment with the formation and quality of different rocks common to our planet. Then we’ll delve into garbology, thinking about where our trash goes and how we can reduce our carbon footprint. Earth Rocks!

Click here to register for Earth Rocks! now


Ready, Set, Register!

Online registration and a complete medical authorization form should be completed for each camper. Please mail, fax or email the medical authorization form to the address or fax number below.
Camp EdVenture
211 Gervais Street
Columbia, SC 29201



Late Registration
A late registration fee of $25 will be charged for any camp registrations not received one week prior to the start date of that camp. Late registration fees need to be submitted with the payment for camp.
Camp Confirmation
You will receive an emailed confirmation once you complete our online registration process. Your confirmation email will include your confirmation number and information about camp. Please do not forget to submit a Medical Authorization form. Registration is not complete without it.
Cancellation and Transfer Policy
If you cancel your registration at least two weeks prior to the start of the summer camp, we will refund your tuition less a $50 registration fee per week. If you cancel your registration with less than two weeks notice, no refund or credit will be given.
If you register for a week of camp and subsequently desire to switch that registration to another week, a $30 registration transfer fee will be assessed per camper per week.
EdVenture reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a class if minimum enrollment is not met. Parents will be notified at least seven days in advance of any changes in schedule. Tuition paid due to a cancellation will be refunded in full.

General Information

Drop Off
Complimentary drop off begins at 8am daily. Camp begins at 9am. Campers should be checked in at registration in the museum’s front lobby. Please use the front entrance of the museum.
Pick Up
All campers should be signed out and picked up by 3pm (with proper ID). Extended day services are available for all age groups for an additional $50 per camper per week. Extended day pick up is at 6pm (with proper ID).
Campers are required to bring their own non-microwaveable, non-perishable snacks and lunch for each day of camp they are attending. Campers participating in extended day camp should bring two snacks per day. In consideration of children with allergies, please do not send any food containing nuts or peanut butter. If a camper has a food allergy, please make sure that it is included on the medical authorization form.
All registered summer campers will receive a Camp EdVenture t-shirt. Campers are required to wear their camp t-shirt daily. For your child’s safety, all campers are required to wear close-toed shoes.
We encourage campers to leave valuables (including all electronic devices) at home. Camp EdVenture will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.
Lost and Found
If a camper does misplace any items during Camp EdVenture, items will be placed in the lost and found container at the Welcome Desk. We encourage parents/guardians to write the camper’s initials on jackets, backpacks and lunch boxes.


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